Unit location: Joint Base Charleston, SC 

Unit size: 8 Officers; 443 Enlisted (approximate) 

Mission statement:
The mission of the 315th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron is to provide trained personnel to augment and support the 437th Airlift Wing in time of war or national emergency in addition to maintaining aircraft in support of US airlift requirements. Through continuous preparation, we are ready to protect national interest by safely generating reliable aircraft. We ensure personnel proficiency while preparing for ever-changing contingencies in order to augment active duty forces and sustain C-17A operations.

Major responsibilities:
It is our shared responsibility with the 437 AMXS to maintain the C-17A Globemaster III aircraft. Our active duty counterparts, Reserve and civilian "Team Charleston" members provide a majority of the total AMC airdrop capability. As the largest squadron in the Air Force Reserve Command, the 315 AMXS continues to exceed DoD maintenance unit standards by providing mission capable aircraft and superbly trained technicians for our nation's global airlift obligations. We maintain a spectacular safety record, continually adapt to achieve maximum efficiency, promote an atmosphere for continuous improvement and are consistently recognized as a world-class maintenance organization.

Significant Events:
Through the years 315 AMXS maintainers have directly supported a number of missions involved with significant world events. Below is a list to name a few:
December 2006 - 20-Ship C-17A launch; largest C-17 formation in history from a single base and demonstrated the strategic airdrop capability of the U.S. Air Force.
May 2008 - Earthquake relief, China
June 2008 - Return of Columbian Rebel Hostages after 5 years of captivity
July 2008 - Returned 2,000 Georgian troops on 11 missions to Georgia

Squadron Awards:
1996 AMC Rodeo - "Best C-17 Maintenance"
1998 AMC Rodeo - "Best C-17 Maintenance"
2000 AMC Rodeo - "Best C-17 Maintenance"
2002 Air Force Maintenance Effectiveness award
2005 AMC Clements McMullen Memorial Daedalian Weapon System Maintenance Trophy (Wing Level)
2007 AMC Rodeo - "Best C-17 Maintenance"
2008 AFRC Team Excellence Award - 2007 AMC Rodeo Team
2008 Air Force Clements McMullen Memorial Daedalian Weapon System Maintenance Trophy (Wing Level)

Mission accomplishment by the numbers:
Over 3.6K life saving MRAPs delivered to the AOR
91 volunteers deployed to 12 different locations in the world
190 Maintainers on MPA Days (Average)
Gave 452,840 hrs to Charleston's mission
Launched 19,000+ Missions and 124K tons Cargo, more than any other Unit in AFRC/AMC!
All with an outstanding 95.5% Reliability

Current as of 2021

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