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In an effort to minimize confusion and misinformation, the following are Department of Defense approved the following links to information about COVID-19, the novel Coronavirus.

Main 315 AW Updates

Commander offers update for wing status & June UTA  (15 May 2020)

To the 315 AW Family…

315 AW Airman, Good Morning, I wanted to send you the latest information regarding this June UTA…The June UTA has been rescheduled for 27-28 June 2020.

Let me say first, the health and welfare of our members is my highest priority as we work through these trying times associated with a World Wide Pandemic. Please do not take this lightly…until we get a cure or a vaccine, every one of us is susceptible to this virus. As of this date, we are still at HPCON Charlie for Joint Base Charleston which is driving a “Mission Critical” only status. This is for the welfare of not only yourself but your peers and families.

As we have been in some phase of travel restricted movement since March, we have slowly started to atrophy in some of our readiness areas…readiness is my second priority during this pandemic. We must balance the welfare of our members and the required readiness of our Wing as we move forward to getting back to a near (NEW) normal posture in the future.

In consideration of all those factors, we believe the best approach to opening up our brick and mortar UTA’s is a phased approach. As you know, the travel restriction in place allowed for only those members who resided within a 75-mile radius to travel to JBC and then only for those who are mission-critical. We have open that aperture up to 200 miles now for those who are mission-critical. Anyone outside of that distance, who is deemed mission-critical will still need an ETP signed by the first GO in the chain of command. We will continue to evaluate those ETP’s on a case by case basis.

The June UTA will allow for 20-30% of our members who have been deemed mission-critical and are within the travel radii to come in and accomplish those items that are needed in order to maintain our readiness. With the additional members coming into the garrison, there will need to be a high level of awareness with respect to PPE. All members coming into JBC will wear a mask while working with their peers and will adhere to the current CDC and Base Health requirements for PPE. This is non-optional.

For those members who will not be coming in for the June UTA, we will still offer a virtual UTA or a liberal reschedule as deemed appropriate by your commander.              

I ask that all members of the 315 AW family look out for your fellow airmen in this extremely unique time in our history. Please look in on family members, friends and teammates to ensure they are doing well. We stand ready to help and assist anyone needing support while we safely and smartly get back to work…

Stay safe, stay proud, stay engaged…



       ADAM B. WILLIS, Colonel, USAF



JBC COVID-19 Update


April 7, 2020

Joint Base Charleston announces first positive COVID-19 case, adjusts manning to mission-critical personnel. An Active-duty Airman assigned to Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina, is currently undergoing treatment following a positive COVID-19 test.

“Leadership is continually monitoring the situation and working closely with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control to coordinate prevention and response efforts in the local area. We are providing installation personnel and their families with up-to-date information on appropriate measures to prevent potential spread of the virus, as well as any impact to local activities,” said Col. Terrence Adams, commander.

Additionally, Adams declared a public health emergency for installation personnel and issued a policy for all non-mission critical personnel to work from home to the extent practical and allowable to slow the spread of the virus within the community and to keep members of Team Charleston safe. Personnel should contact their chain of command for questions on mission-critical protocol. He added that he and his team are in constant communication with all applicable DOD agencies to provide the most up-to-date information possible.

“The safety of our personnel is always our number one priority and will continue to drive our decisions as we evaluate and take decisive action to protect our team and our mission,” said Adams. “All mission-critical personnel will continue to come into work in order to maintain the capabilities our mission requires to protect our national security.”

Adams also encouraged members of JB Charleston and their families to continue practicing prevention measures already in place, including following strict personal and environmental hygiene, social distancing and contacting their healthcare provider if they develop any symptoms consistent with COVID-19, such as fever, coughing and shortness of breath.

For the latest information on JB Charleston’s operational and support status, visit our public website at www.jbcharleston.jb.mil/, or find us on Facebook @TeamCharleston.

Additional information on COVID-19 is also available at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website at www.cdc.gov/coronavirus, and the Department of Defense Coronavirus website at www.defense.gov/explore/spotlight/coronavirus.



315 AW Community Relations Events

The following are events that have been cancelled by the Wing Commander:

  • 17 Mar: Women in Aviation Career Day
  • 26-27 Mar: 315 AW Civic Leader Tour to Nellis AFB
  • 20 Mar and 3 April: JROTC Orientation Flights
  • All other base tours

As we move forward, safety is paramount for not only our wing members, but also for our guests but we must also watch perception.  In a few weeks, when the dust settles we will evaluate our events that are a little further out in the future.  Please let Public Affairs know if you have any questions. 

Joint Base Charleston Info

IF you develop symptoms

(fever of 100.4◦F or higher, cough, or shortness of breath) you should seek a medical evaluation 

§  Call ahead before you go to a doctor’s office or emergency room to prevent possible transmission in a healthcare setting 

If you have a provider at the 628 MDG, call the appointment line @ 843-963-6880 (duty hrs.) If your provider is at the Naval Health Care Center call 843-794-6222. After duty hours, please call the Tricare Nurse

Advice Line (NAL) at 1-800-874-2273. All others, call the DHEC Careline @ 1-855-472-3432

§  Tell the doctor about your recent travel & your symptoms

§  Avoid contact with others

§  Do not travel while sick 

This situation will continue to evolve.

For the latest general updates on this situation, please visit the CDC 2019 Novel Coronavirus website at: https://www.cdc.gov/COVID19.

For local information, visit SC DHEC at https://scdhec.gov/health/infectious-diseases/viruses/coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19 or MUSC at https://muschealth.org/patients-visitors/coronavirus-information

JBC @ HPCON Charlie, limits base access to minimize COVID-19 risks

In an effort to minimize the health risks associated with COVID-19, the Joint Base Charleston installation commander has restricted base access to mission critical personnel Monday through Friday effective Saturday, March 28 at 6:00 a.m.

Mission critical personnel who will retain full installation access are those active duty, guard, reserve, government civilian and contractor personnel as defined by the appropriate director, unit commander, Servicing Contracting Officer or the 628th Contracting Squadron. All other personnel with access to the installation under normal circumstances will have installation access on Saturdays and Sundays. The purpose of these restrictions is to protect the health and safety of Joint Base Charleston personnel from exposure to COVID-19 by reducing the footprint on the installation to achieve the greatest public health benefit while maintaining operational effectiveness.

Trusted Traveler Program Rescinded

Effective immediately, the Joint Base Charleston Trusted Traveler Program will be rescinded until further notice. Only DoD ID card holders will be granted access to the installation. All vehicle occupants attempting to enter the installation will be subject to 100% ID check. Guests will no longer be able to enter the installation as a vehicle passenger without proper DoD ID. Only mission critical personnel with a Real ID will be considered for a base pass through the Visitor Center. Personnel can contact the Visitor Control Center at (843) 963-5729 for additional information.

The latest JBC updates can be found by clicking HERE.


COVID-19 Info from the Air Force

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