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      If you are having a medical emergency dial 911      

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 *** PRIVACY NOTIFICATION: Do not send the Dental DD 2813 over unsecured/unencrypted e-mail because it will contain your social security number. We provide the form for you to print out so that your provider can complete the relevant information.  Once complete, please use proper protection of this PII form.

External Medical Care and Conditions Reporting

 AFI 48-123 10.4.2. ARC Member. Each ARC member is responsible for promptly (within 72 hrs) reporting an illness, injury, disease, operative procedure or hospitalization not previously reported to his or her commander or supervisor, and supporting medical facility personnel IAW AFI 36-2910.
Any concealment or claim of disability made with the intent to defraud the government results in possible legal action and possible discharge from the ARC.

PT PROFILE Flowchart

Fitness Flowchart

HAMR Fitness Test

HAMR Test Scoring Chart

Body Composition Program

Body Composition Program

New fitness testing explained

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315th Airlift Wing Psychological Health 
Office: 843-963-3559

Office located in the 315th AMDS Bldg 366 Joint Base Charleston

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