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UTA Schedule header

Current UTA Schedule

FY 23
SEP 2023_________Traditional UTA_________.9-10


FY 24
OCT '23_______Traditional UTA___14-15 (4CTCS > No UTA)
NOV '23_______Traditional UTA___4-5 (4CTCS > 3-5)
DEC '23 _______Traditional UTA___2-3 (4CTCS > 1-3)
JAN '24 _______Traditional UTA___6-7 (4CTCS > Virtual)
FEB '24_______Traditional UTA___3-4 (4CTCS > 1-4)
MAR '24_______MEGA UTA___1-3 (4CTCS > NO UTA)
APR '24_______Traditional UTA___13-14 (4CTCS > NO UTA)
JUN '24_______Traditional UTA___1-2 (4CTCS > 31 May-2 Jun)
JUL '24   -------------    NO UTA
AUG '24_______Traditional UTA___3-4 (4CTCS > 2-4)
SEP '24_______MEGA UTA___6-8





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