Wing reaches war time flying milestone

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Jeff Kelly
  • 315th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
The 315th Airlift Wing has reached a major milestone in its support of the Global War on Terror.  Reservists from the 315th AW have broken the 100,000 flight-hour mark in support of the global effort.

Since 2002, the 315th AW has flown over 2500 missions in support of the GWOT.  In the process, the 315th AW has hauled 272,181 tons of cargo, transported 245,097 passengers and has flown 22,438 individual sorties in support of the GWOT mission.

To put 100,000 hours into perspective, one aircrew would have to fly continuously for 11.5 years in order to reach 100,000 this mark.

"It's an amazing accomplishment," said Lieutenant Colonel Keith Moore, 315th AW chief of safety.  "It's amazing not only because of the amount of effort and support that has gone into reaching this number, but because this number was reached safely."

This sentiment is echoed in the comments of the current 315th AW commander.

"This is a testament to the professionalism and strength of the 315th AW operators, maintainers and support personnel that haven't missed a beat since 9/11," said Colonel Tim Wrighton, commander of the 315th AW.  "They have all been a significant part of the GWOT since day one.

When speaking with Col. Wrighton concerning the 100,000 flight-hour benchmark, it is obvious how proud he is of the 315th AW for reaching the milestone; however, he keeps a level perspective on the accomplishment.

"It is a milestone, but in the grand scheme of things we will recognize it and move on," said Col. Wrighton. "There is a lot left to do because our nation still needs us and we are proud to be there when our nation calls."

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