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Get ready, Stay Ready; More than a mantra Get ready, Stay Ready; More than a mantra
We’ve all heard it a million times over. Get ready, stay ready. The beauty of it all is that our military exists in a global climate where it’s incumbent upon us to always be in a constant state of the latter. The airmen to the right and left of us need it, but more importantly, our nation depends on it.
0 6/13
Chief celebrates 30 years as a Reservist, and Air Force Reserve’s 70th Anniversary Celebrating 30 years as a Reservist, Air Force Reserve’s 70th Anniversary
The Air Force Reserve’s 70th anniversary coincided nicely with my own 30-year mark as a part-time GI
0 5/23
Communication: An Essential Element of Success Communication -- An Essential Element of Success
Good communication -- sounds simple, but it is actually a complex endeavor. Broken down into its most basic form, the communication process involves a sender, the message, the medium by which the message is transmitted, and a receiver. The medium could be written, spoken, emailed/messaged, body language, facial expression, tone of voice, or just about any combination of these. The communication process should also include a feedback loop by which the receiver acknowledges receipt and understanding of the message. Sounds simple enough, right? The problem lies in both the words/expressions used and the assumptions we make as senders and receivers of information. Additionally, we are inundated with information from various sources as we go about our daily routines. So, what does communication have to do with organizational success?
0 5/04
Default Air Force Logo UEI Capstone: All in a Day’s Work
A team of 170 combined higher headquarters inspectors will visit Joint Base Charleston for 10 days in mid-May to evaluate the performance of the 628th Air Base Wing, the 437th Airlift Wing and the 315th Airlift Wing. As part of this Unit Effectiveness Inspection Capstone event, they will focus on the four Major Graded Areas: 1) Managing Resources, 2) Leading People, 3) Improving the Unit and 4) Executing the Mission.
0 5/03
Marvel's Black Panther Leadership Example Marvel’s Black Panther sets the tone for leaders everywhere
My family and I had movie night a couple of weeks ago and as I was watching, I was immediately struck by the leadership modeling prevalent in the movie.For years, Air Force Professional Military Education has had leaders watch the movie “Twelve O’Clock High” as a portrayal of leadership examples, as part of the curriculum.   “Twelve O’Clock High,”
0 3/06
117th Medical Group Patch Post-Deployment Health Assessments and Stress
Since the 1990s, the United States military has deployed hundreds of thousands of troops to the Middle East and other parts of the world. During deployment, military personnel face hostile actions, infectious disease, and many physical and mental stressors. Although the Department of Defense has had a long-term commitment to member health issues, a
0 1/21
Commentary: Are you ready? Are you ready?
As military members, we should have one main goal… to be ready! But, what should we be ready for? The real answer is everything. I’m asking you to consider what you can do personally to help us be ready for anything that comes our way. You accomplish this by taking the time and making the effort to be caught up (or ahead) on all fitness, training and individual readiness items.
0 12/13
Col. Jim Kellogg, 94th Airlift Wing commander, hands a Thanksgiving meal to an Airman at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Ga. Nov. 5, 2017. Wing leadership took turns distributing meals at lunchtime during the November drill weekend. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Josh Kincaid) If I’m deployed, how will Santa find me?
When I was a kid, I’d often travel from North Carolina to Georgia to spend Christmas with my grandparents. Although I was eager to arrive so I could eat my weight in freshly baked oatmeal cookies, there was one concern that would inevitably fill me with dread: if I’m not at my official home of record in Santa’s database, how would he know where to
0 11/22
Patriot Warrior 2017 Patriot Warrior: Reserve Citizen Airmen lead the way
For nearly 70 years, the Air Force Reserve has served as a cornerstone to the defense of our nation by providing combat-ready forces to meet the needs of commanders all over the world.
0 8/23
Default Air Force Logo Narrow the scope, improve the force
Our collective failure to lead boldly and teach others to do the same has led us towards the end of our runway.
0 8/11
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