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Default Air Force Logo AF streamlines expeditionary readiness training
Air Force officials announced the creation of a new streamlined Expeditionary Readiness Program governance construct that replaces the current tiered predeployment training model. The updated program is designed to ensure expeditionary readiness training is relevant, effective, timely, synchronized, standardized and integrated in order to provide combatant commanders with a standard presentation of forces to support specified mission requirements, while maximizing efficiency.
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Default Air Force Logo New program prepares Airmen, families to bounce back after deployments
Air Force services recently added a new tool to encourage service members and their families who are affected by deployments to participate in morale, welfare, and recreation programs and activities. The “Recharge for Resiliency” (R4R) initiative was designed to help Airmen readjust to life at home and also include families in their reintegration.
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