315th Services Flight


Unit location: Joint Base Charleston

Unit size: 2 officers, 28 enlisted and 1 civilian (approximate)

Mission Statement:

The unit's primary mission, since 1996, is to support the Dover AFB, Delaware Port Mortuary, the port of embarkation for deceased service members being returned from overseas. The unit's members have provided support during mass casualty incidents including helicopter crashes, the USS Cole attack in 2000, the September 11, 2001 attack on the Pentagon, and for ongoing Operations ENDURING FREEDOM and IRAQI FREEDOM. A related mission, since 2006, is support for the Army's Joint Personal Effects Depot at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, to return deceased and wounded servicemembers' personal effects to their next of kin.

A secondary mission for the unit is to provide field exercise, deployment, and home station support/backfill for food, fitness, lodging, and mortuary affairs.

2008-2009 Highlights:
Twelve (12) members (50% of the unit) provided support during January-April 2008 and 2 members provided support during September-December 2008 to the Dover AFB Port Mortuary, totaling an equivalent of 4.7 years (1,722 days). Two (2) members provided support at the Joint Personnel Effects Depot during September-December 2008 for an equivalent of 8.2 months (246 days).

Additional support was provided by members to the active duty 435th Services Squadron at Ramstein AFB, Germany and the active duty 100th Force Support Squadron at Mildenhall during the 315th Services Flight's deployment for training (annual tour), and to Charleston AFB's 437th Force Support Squadron in fixed facilities (food, fitness, and lodging). Also, support was provided to Charleston AFB's 437th Logistics Readiness Squadron for bus operators and transportation support.

Unit Awards:

2009 - South Carolina Chapter, Reserve Officers Association, Air Force Reserve
Outstanding Unit of the Year Award
2007 - AFRC Services Readiness Unit of the Year Award
2005 - AFRC Services Readiness Unit of the Year Award
2004 - AFRC Specialized Program of the Year Award

Current as of 2021


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