317th Airlift Squadron

Unit Location: Joint Base Charleston, S.C.
Unit Size: 79 Officers, 54 Enlisted (approximate)

Mission Statement:
The mission of the 317th Airlift Squadron is to recruit, train and support combat ready aircrews in order to meet global taskings.

Major responsibilities:
The squadron's major responsibilities are to maintain combat-ready aircrews in support of ever-changing global taskings such as contingencies, humanitarian relief, presidential support and exercises.

2007 Highlights:
Support for Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom and the Global War on Terror continued to be of top priority. Squadron personnel made significant personal sacrifices to fulfill Air Mobility Command's worldwide contingency needs. Countless combat missions were flown safely into Iraq and Afghanistan and other points across the globe supporting the war effort.

The squadron flew numerous high-profile and specialty missions including numerous DV and aeromedical evacuation missions. Among the dignitaries transported were The Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, General Peter Pace, and USCENTCOM Commander Admiral Fallon.

The squadron participated in multiple operations and exercises, including Olympic Titan, New Horizons, and Fundamental Justice. The New Horizons exercise was a Joint Chiefs of Staff-directed exercise to deliver humanitarian and civic aid to the people of Nicaragua through exercise-related construction projects. It also provided basic medical attention for the local population. One C-17 record was broken this year. It involved carrying two special warfare boats with trucks from Navy North Island, California to San Juan International Airport, Puerto Rico. This was the first loading of two boats at one time.
By the year's end, the squadron had airlifted 21 million pounds of cargo, transporting over 11,000 passengers and logged nearly 5,000 flight hours. The 317 AS also took on the role of training initial C-17 aircrews from Dover AFB, Del. and will prepare these aircrews for world-wide missions.

The 317 AS continues to be one of Air Force Reserve Command's showcase squadrons. The squadron operates America's premier airlifter, the C-17, safely and efficiently in a variety of roles with a dedicated volunteer force.

Current as of 2021

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