315th Maintenance Operations Flight

Unit Location: Joint Base Charleston, SC 

Unit Size: 2 Officers, 19 Enlisted (Approximate)

Mission Statement: The unit provides vital maintenance management support to the 315th Maintenance Group and subordinate squadrons. Directly responsible to the Maintenance Group Commander for the administration, analysis, programs and resources and training management necessary to support group production effort. Performs planning, controlling, scheduling, and executing responsibilities of the Maintenance Group Commander through these activities. Provides production support and coordination to augment the wing's worldwide strategic mission.

Major Responsibilities: Major sections of the flight are the Maintenance Training and Programs and Resources. Maintenance Training is responsible for providing overall standardized training policy and management for the more than 750 personnel assigned to the group. Programs and Resources is charged with managing manning, facilities, support agreements, and deployment functions for the group. This office is also charged with providing the resource advisor to the Maintenance Group Commander, encompassing budget forecast and execution. Additionally, a Maintenance Data Systems Analyst is assigned to provide health of the fleet support to the active duty wing. The unit also provides unit level command, first sergeant, and orderly room support to the group staff.

2006 Highlights: During the year, the unit made significant contributions to Group effort. The Maintenance Operations Flight (MOF) proved itself during the January 2006 HQ AFRC Unit Compliance Inspection (UCI) visit which resulted in no findings, receiving a final rating of "Excellent" for the group; directly contributing the wing's overall "Excellent" rating. Personnel readiness was maintained through nearly 20,000 ancillary training events while our training managers drove an incredible 76% fully qualified career field rate across the group, virtually eliminating overdue actions for upgrade trainees. The MTF also augmented the 437 MXG training function with three Maintenance Qualification Training Program (MQTP) instructors. In addition, the Programs and Resources Flight deftly managed the activation/deactivation processes for the group, maintaining approximately 190 personnel on active duty status throughout the year. Finally, the Enroute Support Program has provided off-station annual tour opportunities for over 75 reservists.

Current as of 2021

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