38th Aerial Port Squadron

Unit Location: Joint Base Charleston, S.C.

Unit Size: 6 Officers, 163 Enlisted (approximate)

Mission Statement:
The 38th Aerial Port Squadron deploys trained personnel and serviceable equipment to provide augmentation or stand-alone aerial port operations at ports of embarkation/ debarkation or unit-move locations.

Major Responsibilities:
Responsibilities include cargo processing, aircraft loading/unloading, joint inspection, mobility functions, load-team supervision, engine running on-loads/off-loads and home-station and deployed air terminal operations center, airlift control element, transportation control unit and air departure arrival control group operations.

The five major sections of the 38 APS include: ATOC/ Load planning, Ramp Services, Cargo Processing, Special Handling and Passenger Services. ATOC is the centerpiece of the aerial port squadron. ATOC, supervised by Senior Master Sgt. Donald Bull, receives all information from the Command Post and then passes that information on to each section that applies. Load planning ensures that the aircraft is loaded in the proper sequence with appropriate restraints. Cargo Processing, managed by Master Sgt. Michelle Washington, receives cargo and in-checks the cargo and puts that information into GATES and places cargo into the proper bay location. This section also takes capped out pallets and stores them in grid locations until load planning is ready for the cargo. Special Handling, led by Senior Master Sgt. Bonnie Gibeaut, serves as the pivotal point for hazardous materials moving through the military air shipment channel. The 38 APS team consists of twelve members who are qualified to perform hazardous materials inspections and perform joint inspections on equipment. Ramp Services, supervised by Senior Master Sgt. Kirk Boland, main mission is to teach airmen how to load airplanes. The Ramp section puts pallets or rolling stock on special pieces of equipment, takes them out to the aircraft, loads it on the plane, and ties down all items being transported so when the plane is in the air the items will remain secure. Passenger Services, led by Master Sgt. Vandilyn Lewis, ensures all passengers and cargo are secured on the aircraft and that there is no delay in aircraft departure.

2006 Highlights:
In 2006, there were over fifteen people deployed to the various locations in Southeast Asia for four-month tours. These fifteen members did an outstanding job in the following fields: Ramp Section Supervisor, ATOC Information Controller, Cargo Processing, Air Transportation Journeyman, Passenger Services, and Special Handling. These individuals were instrumental in the following successes: expertly handling 75 aircraft, 1,500 passengers and 80 tons of cargo and baggage moved on a daily average, mishap-free uploads of 1248 tons of explosive material vital to counter-insurgency operations and a record breaking move of twelve C-17s in one day, carrying 404 tons of cargo; resulting in a new wing record.

Throughout the year, 108 people volunteered for over 3,100 man-day tours at various locations. Our senior noncommissioned officers, who received quarterly awards for 2006 were: Senior Master Sgt. Valerie Collins, Master Sgt. Michelle Washington and Master Sgt. Gwen Crabtree. Our noncommissioned officers who received quarterly awards were: Staff Sgt. Angela Harvey, Tech. Sgt. Gail Muiter and Tech. Sgt. Adam Grant. Our airmen who were recipients of a quarterly award were: Senior Airman David Ribelin, Senior Airman Stuart Music and Senior Airman Catherine Desilles. 

2008 Highlights
The 38th APS deployed 30 airmen to two different locations supporting Air Expeditionary Force cycle 5/6. These airmen worked non-stop 12 hour shifts loading and unloading aircraft cargo and passengers in hostile environments. Despite their long hours, many volunteered to assist the medical units in place in support of injured or downed soldiers. Our airmen also participated in Patriot details, loading our fallen troops in respectful ceremonies aboard our nation's airlifters for their final journey home. 

The 38th Aerial Port Squadron distinguished itself as one of the busiest and most productive aerial port units in the Air Force Reserve for 2007-2008. The 38th safely and effectively contributed significantly to the logistical efforts in the global war on terrorism by participating In three annual tours to European and CONUS locations, moving 13,450 passengers and 6,828 tons of cargo on 1,014 missions
The 38th APS was nominated for the 2008 Reserve Officer's Association outstanding unit award. In addition to winning several groups quarterly awards for Airman, Non-Commissioned Officer, and Senior Non-Commissioned Officer

Current as of 2021

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