315th Civil Engineer Flight

Unit Location: Joint Base Charleston, S.C.

Unit size: 1 Officer, 52 Enlisted (approximate)

Mission statement:

Mission of the 315th CEF is to provide firefighters, emergency management technicians and explosive ordnance disposal technicians ready to fulfill expeditionary combat support roles worldwide.

Major responsibilities:

Within the 315th CEF, there are three major components; Fire, Emergency Management (EM), and Explosive Ordnance Disposal.  The major responsibilities of the fire component are to mitigate any life threatening emergency resulting from Chemical / Conventional / Biological attack, fire, hazardous condition, or sudden medical disability, Execute a comprehensive fire prevention program to provide a safe environment for all members.  The Emergency Management component is responsible for disaster preparedness planning, training others to survive and recover from CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, high-yield explosive) attacks, monitoring & sampling during CBRNE events, and executing the installation emergency management program.  Lastly, the EOD component  locates, identifies, disarms, neutralizes, recovers, and disposes of hazardous explosives including conventional, chemical, biological, incendiary, and nuclear ordnance as well as  Improvised Explosive Devices.

Current as of 2021

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