New to TRICARE? Handbook Helps You Learn Your Health Plan Options

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If you’re curious about your TRICARE health plan options, the TRICARE Choices in the United States Handbook can help. Whether you’re on active duty, separating from service, retiring, or a family member, this all-in-one handbook provides an overview of your stateside health care options. It also describes your pharmacy, dental, and vision coverage options.
“The TRICARE Choices in the United States Handbook is a great starting point to show you what stateside health plans may be available to you and your family members,” said Robert Agnello, deputy chief of Digital Communications at the Defense Health Agency. “The handbook also gives an overview of how to enroll in a plan, how to get care with your plan, and costs.”
Here’s a closer look at what the handbook highlights.
1. Health Plans for Sponsors and Family Members
Your TRICARE plan options change depending on sponsor status—active duty, separated from service, or retired. To see what health plans you and your family members may be eligible for based on your military status, turn to the “Your TRICARE Options by Sponsor Status” section. Sponsor and family member health plan options may include:

2. How TRICARE Plans Work and What’s Covered
In the “Health Care Options” section, you’ll find a general overview of TRICARE health plans, including enrollment rules, how you can get care, and associated costs. Also featured throughout this section are health care terms and cost terms common to TRICARE, like:

3. Dental and Vision Options
As outlined in the handbook, there are three dental options that are separate from TRICARE health plans:

How do you know which plan you or family members can purchase? Turn to the “Dental and Vision Options” section of the handbook for a breakdown of the dental plans and who qualifies. Want more vision coverage? If you’re enrolled in a TRICARE health plan and are an active duty family member, retiree, or eligible family member of a retiree, you may qualify to purchase vision coverage through FEDVIP. Check the handbook for details to help you get started.
The TRICARE Choices in the United States Handbook is one resource for TRICARE information. There’s also the TRICARE Choices for National Guard and Reserve Handbook and TRICARE Overseas Program Handbook. Check out TRICARE Publications for more resources on specific plans and benefits. And share your thoughts with us by completing the publications survey.
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