Keeping Your DEERS Info Current

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TRICARE Open Season has started and ends Dec. 13. This is the time to make changes to your TRICARE health care coverage for the upcoming year. But is your information still current in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS)? If you’re unsure, now is a good time to check. Whether you plan to enroll in a new health plan or stay in your same plan, showing up as TRICARE-eligible in DEERS is necessary.
“If you plan to make enrollment changes during TRICARE Open Season, or your family has experienced a Qualifying Life Event, check that your DEERS information is both current and accurate,” said Zelly Zim, a program analyst with TRICARE Policy and Programs at the Defense Health Agency. “An up-to-date DEERS record is essential to access your TRICARE benefit.”
It’s your responsibility to maintain your information in DEERS. Here are a few more reasons why keeping DEERS updated is so important.

  1. Updating DEERS ensures you can use TRICARE.

You need to register in or update DEERS to get your TRICARE benefit. DEERS is a database of information for uniformed services members (sponsors) and their family members, among others. Your DEERS record has your family status, service status, TRICARE enrollment information, and contact information. Up-to-date DEERS records are vital to accessing your TRICARE benefit.

  1. Errors in DEERS can cause delays with claims, referrals, and prescriptions.

It’s important to check DEERS to make sure it reflects your correct address, contact information, and family details. Errors in your record can delay access to your health care. Keeping your DEERS information current will ensure your health care claims are processed accurately. It will also prevent disruptions with receiving authorization letters for referrals and delivery of prescription drugs through TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery.

  1. Without current DEERS information, you could miss important information and enrollment deadlines.

Don’t want to miss out on important information that can affect your health care benefits? Keep your record in DEERS current. One important enrollment deadline you don’t want to miss comes after a Qualifying Life Event (QLE). QLEs are significant life events such as moving, childbirth, or retirement. As outlined in the TRICARE Qualifying Life Events Fact Sheet, a QLE opens a 90-day period for you and your family to make eligible enrollment changes. If you don’t update your or your family member’s information in DEERS, you may miss enrollment deadlines. Once your change shows in DEERS, you can make changes to your TRICARE coverage.
Remember, your DEERS record has your TRICARE coverage eligibility, contact information, and other important information. It's critical to keep your DEERS information up to date so you and your family can use TRICARE. Review your options for updating DEERS. Open season ends Dec. 13, so take the opportunity to make a change, if you want. Just don’t forget to check DEERS.
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