Air Force Reserve remains ready to support AFFORGEN implementation

  • Published
  • By Jaimi Chafin
  • Headquarters Air Force Reserve Command

As the Air Force reaches initial operating capability of the Air Force Force Generation (AFFORGEN) model, the Air Force Reserve remains ready now to provide support.

AFFORGEN establishes a 24-month rotational deployment cycle broken into four, six-month phases: Prepare, Certify, Available and Reset. Airmen and units build readiness through the prepare and certify phases, deploy during the available phase and reintegrate and reconstitute during the reset phase. Initial operating capability is on track for October 1.

While Airmen in joint assignments do not typically support Air Force deployments, they could be tasked worldwide and should ensure they remain ready. Airmen assigned to the air components of combatant commands, such as Indo-Pacific Command or European Command, may deploy for operations and exercises within their specific CCMD’s area of responsibility. However, in some cases they may also be tasked to deploy outside of that area of responsibility.

The Air Force Reserve has been operating off a similar deployment model and is prepared for seamless integration.

“Since 2015 the Air Force Reserve has executed a form of AFFORGEN through Reserve Component Periods (RCPs),” said Biran Owens, Air Expeditionary Force, Mobilization and Global Force management manager for the Air Force Reserve Command at Robins AFB. “[Oct-Apr 2023] AFFORGEN will meet initial operational capability, and the reserve will provide 671 personnel to support Expeditionary Air Base sourcing.”

Owens said that the Air Force Reserve will also provide additional Airmen to augment gaps in the Regular Component AFFORGEN manning.

In October 2022, the AFR began deploying Mission generation in AFFORGEN. October 1 of this year is the official beginning of AFFORGEN for the Agile Combat Support units for the AF enterprise. Owens said that AFR personnel supporting FY24 deployment requirements are already identified and processed via the Global Force Management process.

“The most significant benefit to AFFORGEN for the Air Force Reserve is the predictability it will provide our Airmen,” said Lt. Gen. John P. Healy, chief of the Air Force Reserve and commander of Air Force Reserve Command. “Providing a repeatable and consistent deployment model allows out Reserve Citizen Airmen to better prepare themselves, their families and their employers for the demands of defending our nation.”

AFFORGEN is deliberate in its intent to create training space for Airmen in between available phases. Airmen will not only have to train and prepare for their traditional mission but will also receive training towards the high-end fight described in the National Defense Strategy. There is a renewed focus on multi-capable Airmen, ready Airmen training and agile combat employment to increase the lethality of reserve forces.

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