Brown: DOD FY25 Budget Request Aligns With Message to Joint Force

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  • By Matthew Olay
  • DOD News

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Air Force Gen. CQ Brown, Jr., explained during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing today how the Defense Department's fiscal year 2025 budget request aligns with his message to the joint force.

Shortly after becoming chairman in October 2023, Brown released his message focusing on three expectations: giving primacy to the honing of warfighting skills; modernizing the joint force and leading aggressively with new concepts and approaches; and recognizing trust as the foundation of the military profession.    

Brown cited a series of challenges identified in the 2022 National Defense Strategy — the risky behavior of China, a newly aggressive Russia, and a destabilizing Iran and North Korea were among them — as being threats to an increasingly complex global security environment. 

"These challenges are interconnected," Brown said, "which demands a strategic approach to addressing the immediate threats, while also preparing for future contingencies."    

As it relates to honing warfighting skills, Brown said that DOD's $849.8 billion budget request contains $147 billion that not only sustains readiness and ensures DOD can counter threats in the near-term, but also focuses on integrating allies and partners into planning and operations. It also expands security operations, interoperability and training.  

"Our investments in readiness ensure the joint force can respond when the nation calls," said Brown. 

In terms of joint force modernization and the pursuit of new concepts, the budget request invests $167.5 billion in procurement to "equip the joint force with unparalleled combat capabilities across every domain."

Additionally, the budget invests $143.2 billion in research, development, testing and evaluation of future capabilities aimed at retaining the nation's strategic edge.

Lastly, the budget invests in nuclear modernization, multiyear procurement of critical munitions, digital innovation, and an overall strengthened defense industrial base, Brown said. 

"With rapidly evolving threats and technologies, accelerating our modernization is crucial," he added.

Brown then turned to his third expectation of trust, calling it "the foundation of our profession." 

"The joint force must build upon and uphold trust in each other, trust with our families, trust of our elected leaders, and the trust of our nation," said Brown. "Enhancing the quality of service and quality of life for our personnel is not just a moral obligation, but a strategic imperative." 

To that end, Brown said DOD's budget request includes investment in quality-of-service efforts, which include educational benefits, advanced training and career development.  

Brown said the budget also calls for quality-of-life projects that include child care facilities, medical clinics and housing. There is also funding for spousal employment initiatives, programs to combat sexual assault and additional mental health resources.

"We must create an environment where all can reach their full potential," said the chairman. 

Brown concluded his remarks by assuring that the public can trust that the joint force stands ready. 

"Ready to defend our national interests, ready to deter aggression, and ready — if necessary — to fight and win our nation's wars," he said. 

"We are living in consequential times, and there is no time to waste."

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