315 AW Units Train for Combat Readiness June 18, 2024

More than 70 Air Force Reserve personnel participated in a comprehensive training exercise, Palmetto Project 404, Dogpatch training area June 11-14, Westover Air Reserve Base, Massachusetts.

The exercise was designed to enhance functional and combat skills, preparing Airmen for future deployment scenarios.

Lt. Col. Jason Dethier, 315th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron commander and exercise commander, highlighted the significance of the training.

“Palmetto Project 404 is critical for our personnel to stay on the cutting edge of deployment capabilities,” he said. “By engaging in these comprehensive training activities, our Airmen are better prepared for real-world operations.”

Participants included members from the 315th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, 315th Maintenance Squadron, 315th Maintenance Group, 315th Security Forces Squadron and the 38th Aerial Port Squadron.

The training provided mission-ready Airmen with opportunities to engage in tasks outside their core Air Force Specialty Codes, aligning with emerging Air Task Force methodologies.

According to participants, the training activities were diverse and rigorous. Maintenance personnel learned material handling equipment operations on a 10k forklift, familiarized themselves with Humvee operation, and practiced entry control point and vehicle search procedures.

Additionally, Airmen participated in dismounted squad operations, command and control exercises, and personnel accountability reporting activities during simulated ground and air attacks.

315 SFS personnel executed three key operations: dismounted and mounted patrols, and the search and seizure of a high-value target during military operations in an urban terrain village setting. They also provided combat skills familiarization for the maintenance Airmen.

Reflecting on the historical significance of the project, Dethier drew parallels with the past.

“Much like the covert operations of Palace Dog during the Vietnam War, our goal is to ensure that our forces are versatile, capable, and ready to support operations in any environment,” he noted.

The exercise exemplified the commitment of the 315 AW to maintaining high readiness levels, ensuring that Airmen are well-prepared to meet the challenges of future deployments.

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