Commentary: Well done, this is your trophy

  • Published
  • By Col. Greg Gilmour
  • Commander, 315th Airlift Wing

If you haven’t heard the news, our wing was honored in October with the Raincross Trophy for being selected as the Best Wing in Fourth Air Force.  This is a big deal.  It means that of the 16 Wings and one group within 4th AF, we’re the best.


And while that sounds like a pat on the back to the Wing itself, it’s also saying something profound about each and every individual Airman within the Wing.  A Wing is a group of people – not a bunch of aircraft, or a bunch of buildings.  To present an award to the Wing is to present it to each and every member.


In other words, this trophy is for you.  It belongs to every Airman in our Wing, all of which together make up 315th.  While you certainly didn’t need a trophy to tell us you are the best, the Raincross Trophy serves as yet another reason why you should take personal pride as an Airman – it doesn’t matter what your job is, or your rank – your accomplishments wouldn’t be possible without the work of every Airman in the 315th. 


As part of the 315th family, you all share this trophy.  It belongs to you!


The Raincross Trophy recognizes exceptional airmanship and carries bragging rights.   You have been recognized for your role in major contingencies and humanitarian relief work, as well as presidential support and AFRC’s Expeditionary Skills Rodeo.


I know that nobody was going above and beyond just to win a trophy.  If I were to ask any of you how you contributed, you’d say you were just doing your job.  And that’s perfectly fine – keep doing the amazing things you do, but it’s nice to be recognized for how well you do them.  This trophy is just a reminder of that. 


So, when you get a chance, come and see the trophy, and reflect on what it took to earn it.  It took all of you, doing what you do best...  Supporting and defending this great nation!


Keep in mind that this is your trophy.


Have an excellent Christmas and Holiday season and thank you and your family for what you do.  

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