Vice Commander says farewell

  • Published
  • By Col. Mike Kim
  • 315th Airlift Wing
I find writing a farewell article extremely difficult, because how do I say thank you to the best wing in the U.S. Air Force? How do I acknowledge all of your outstanding accomplishments? There is not enough room in this paper nor am I eloquent enough to do you justice.

The men and women of the 315th Airlift Wing are truly the most professional group of individuals I have come to know and work for. Operations, maintenance, support, medical and wing staff--you all amaze me. Simply put, you are the best.

Prior to my job as vice commander, my background was merely from an operational standpoint, and I simply took what the rest of the wing did for granted. However, I have grown to know, understand and appreciate all of the other groups and units making up this great team. You are truly a team that works together to accomplish our mission. Your balance of family, civilian employer and the Reserve sets you a step above our active-duty counter parts. You have set records that will stand for a lifetime, and you have made history. I admire and applaud you for your attitude and ingenuity. I am amazed despite our tremendous operations tempo you have performed your duty without ever having missed a beat, with dignity and pride. I am so proud of you and your accomplishments and am proud to be associated with you.

I would like to thank Col. Gary Cook, 315th AW commander, for allowing me the opportunity to serve this wing as vice. I have learned a great deal from him and benefited from his mentoring. He is a great leader with great vision and has the best interest of the people of this wing at heart. It has been an honor to serve with him and a tremendous learning opportunity.

I would also like to thank our group commanders and command chief master sergeant. I appreciate your guidance and for teaching me what teamwork is all about. This wing has excelled because of your steadfast leadership.

Thank you all for allowing me to be a part of this great wing, this great family. Though I am off to 22nd Air Force, I will always be a member of the 315th AW. I look forward to watching your continued success. As the 315th AW is highlighted at 22nd AF and Air Force Reserve Command, I will be proud to say, “I was in that unit.” I will be your greatest fan and will brag about you always.


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