315th Maintenance Group

315th Maintenance Group works side by side with the 437th Maintenance Group to provide total maintenance support for 40 assigned C-17 aircraft and support equipment valued at nearly $9 billion.

Unit location: Joint Base Charleston, S.C.

Unit size: 10 Officers, 315 Enlisted, 5 Civilians (Approximate)

Mission: Safe, reliable, sustained C-17 mission generation anywhere, anytime

Vision: AFRC's MXG of choice...Providing the most professional, mission ready, skilled, and experienced C-17 maintainers at home and abroad

2020 Highlights

  • 25K Flight Hours/8.2K sorties/1.2K Home Station departures/35% of AMC C-17 Taskings
  • Secured airlift of 1st ever Transportation Isolation System certification; generated 20 hi-vis AE msns—53 AE crew qualified; 88 COVID-19 patients evacuated to life saving care
  • Oversaw 240 C-17 Boeing maintenance requests; pushed 358 special msns—drove 99% POTUS support departures
  • Flawlessly executed HUREVAC operations; prepared/relocated 22 aircraft/75 personnel; $4.75B in assets secured/postured for seamless mobility operations
  • AMC’s #1 C-17 brake repair hub; refurbished 120 brake assemblies; critical support for 8 different nations/enabled 9K worldwide sorties
  • Expertly launched 216 1A1/1B1 missions; one mission every 1.5 days; zero maintenance cancels or delays for an excellent 100% delivery rate
  • Leader of Boeing heavy maintenance; oversaw 1K Boeing specific C-17 repair actions; primed $14B modernization upgrade for 63 C-17 aircraft

(Updated June 2021)

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